Vote for Republican and America First Candidate Omar Tarazi on August 3rd 2021

To My neighbors, Friends and Supporters:

Omar Tarazi for Congress, 15th Congressional District of Ohio.We hear it all the time that national politics is nasty and corrupt, and the best thing to do is stay out of it until things change. The way I see it, the more we follow this thinking the worse things get. Meanwhile, most Americans are struggling. We can do better! 

We are constantly being told we are divided. We must reject this negative thinking and balance it with a view of all the good we share. We must resist being sucked into the same unproductive disputes and adapt our approach to bring the best out of each other. We can only secure our future prosperity when we work together. 

I am running as a long time Republican for Congress to rebalance the system, so it works fairly for all Americans, and to fight for the reforms and investments we need to secure our long-term prosperity as a nation. I am the best candidate to represent the diverse voices and interests in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. I will be a champion for applying conservative principles to governance as the path forward to maximize economic opportunity and quality of life for everyone. 

To be successful I need your prayers, your advice, and financial support. Donations to my campaign are greatly appreciated. If we work together, I believe our best days as a nation are still to come. 

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, Vote for Omar Tarazi for Congress. In the 15th Congressional District of Ohio Special Election.

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